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What's the SKIP FIT Difference?

The Most Efficient Total Body Workout

Skip Fit™ is the leading skills based fitness program for busy people to get the most efficient total body workout. Skills based fitness programs not only improve your fitness levels, but train your brain while improving your abilities in a positively addictive way. Jump Rope is scientifically proven to burn more calories than any other form of exercise so it's excellent for people always on the go with work, family and travel!

Stress Less and Skip More.

Unlike running or other types of cross training activities that can increase your risk of injury and leave you feeling bored, Skip Fit™ provides a low to moderate impact workout that challenges you to learn new skills while maximizing your calorie burn and heart health, having loads of fun, and increasing your happiness along the way. Stress is the worst thing for your health and fitness so SKIP FIT aims to help you find a better balance.

Founded by Myka Hoffman

Founded in 2016 by a fun-loving fitness enthusiast who left her corporate career to share her passion for skipping with the world, Myka Hoffman is a former world-champion jump roper who has represented Australia in the highest levels of the sport and international competition. She also knows what it’s like to be burning the candle at both ends in a corporate career and wants to help other busy people get the most out of life by offering a really simple but effective training method; SKIP FIT SIMPLE SCIENCE.

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